Please note that our full dinner menu is always available, even during lunch hours. Dinner Menu.

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      We know! Sandwiches ain’t Tapas. But… if you cut it in half, you can share. Kinda tapas-ish, right?

    • The Jimmy

      A seasoned 8oz ground beef patty, cooked medium, and topped with white cheddar smoked gouda fondue, really freakin’ good bacon and the traditional lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle

    • The Edward Gee

      Grilled chicken, Romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, Parmesan and Asiago cheeses and our Caesar salad dressing all wrapped up in a 12” flour tortilla

    • Joey Castrano

      We take a couple of Joey meatballs, “slice’m-n-slap’m” on a hoagie roll with our tomato basil marinara sauce, then top’m with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses

    • The BAT, man

      Really freakin’ good bacon, arugula, tomato with citrus caper mayo on a grilled English muffin

    • The Nod

      Mojo marinated pulled pork, Genoa salami, ham, and swiss on Cuban bread, pressed and dressed with pickle and dijonnaise


    • Double Down

      Choose two of our classic sushi rolls plus edamame, Miso soup or seaweed salad

    • Sashimi Lunch

      Two pieces each, tuna, salmon and yellowtail plus edamame, Miso soup or seaweed salad

    • Nigiri Lunch

      One piece each tuna, salmon, yellowtail and shrimp and your choice one classic sushi roll plus edamame, Miso soup or seaweed salad

    • Combo Plate

      Tuna, salmon, and shrimp nigiri (1 PCS each) Tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sashimi (2 PCS each) Your choice one classic sushi roll plus edamame, Miso soup or seaweed salad

    • Do the Hoke Poke

      An Ahi Poke with mango, scallions, kelp and black caviar resting on a bed of mixed greens and accompanied by a tower of sticky rice

    • Do the Slammin’ Salmon

      A Salmon Poke almost exactly like the tuna poke above but with, you know, salmon